Clothes-hook, cupboard for the shoes, big wardrobe.


Cooker, microwave oven+grill, refrigerator, set of kitchen utensils, serving cutlery, glasses, mugs, two chairs, small folding table, sink, water heater, toaster.


TV, DVD, writing-desk, banquet table (one can set the table for 6 persons and it can be carried into an other room easily as well), openable sofa for two persons, shelves, standing lamp, table-lamp, Internet with WIFI (I give you log on code when arriving), 2 telephone sets.


Use of the telephone: the one is only for the incoming calls, I give you the number when arriving, the other one is for the outgoing calls. The outgoing calls are also free of charge to several countries of Europe, with cord-connection (to Hungary as well). The telephones are Internet-based, therefore, the service is not continuous and its quality can change as well. In general it is good, if you have a bad sound quality, call again. There are calls for which one have to pay, that is the reason why I give a list when arriving which numbers can be called free of charge. The telephone has a balance that has been uploaded previously. We check it on arriving and on leaving as well and the difference will be settled. Its maximum value can reach the 12,6 Euro, i.e., the 3500 HUF. Nobody can be in a bigger surprise.


Openable sofa from the IKEA, small round table that can be taken to the balcony in case of a good weather, two chairs, standing lamp.

There is enough place here for the big banquet table, if several people want to sit to the table.


Big double bed, shelves, wall lamps.


Mirror wardrobe, bath-tub, WC,  clothes-horse, washig machine



We have thought of the families with children as well, that is the reason why we have put some  storybooks on the shelf. The children do not have to leave their favourite DVDs at home either because we have a DVD-player too.


We wish you an enjoyable pastime!